The Manuals

On this page you will find manuals, instruction videos and other media for all the Bifrost Boards.

A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition

The online Manual for the A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition, can be found here!

Pitch Video (25th March 2020)

Advanced Mixing Demo (8th July 2020)

A1200 Bifrost (First Generation)

A1200 Bifrost v1.4 (PDF, released March 2018)

A1200 Bifrost v1.3.2 (PDF, released July 2017)

A1200 Bifrost v1.3 (PDF, released April 2017)

Pitch Video (7th May 2017)

Small Demonstration & Tutorial (7th May 2017)

Unbox Video / A First Look (27th June 2017)

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